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Idea-to-Business Agency
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Idea-to-Business Agency
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

We’re an idea-to-business development company. That’s a concise way of saying that we partner with innovators at any stage of the entrepreneurship process and provide them with the help they need to succeed. Our services include strategy planning, design, coding, marketing, sales and investor matchmaking.

What we love doing

When we’re not working on our clients’ projects, we’re building our own products. We could say that it’s a great way to keep sharp or learn new skills and it is, but the simple truth is that we enjoy it. After all, an idea is a terrible thing to waste.

Looking for

Daring innovators who want to make the world a better place, plain and simple. Bring us the idea, and we’ll set to creating and implementing a plan to turn it into reality.

Our ideal first date

We sit down and have a chat (either in person or online). You tell us about the product you’ve envisioned. We’re blown away. We define the scope of the project and design a roadmap together. Now you’re blown away with our insight. We start planning the second date.


  • Wasting time. When there’s work to be done, we’d rather do it than have five meetings about why it isn’t done and how nice it would be if it were.
  • Confusion. We’ve found that products are generally more successful when we know why and for who we are building them.
  • When plans smells fishy. There are some smells that can’t be covered with body spray.

On a Friday evening we’re probably...

Finishing up the task for our day job (making the world a better place), and starting our night job (conquering the world).

Brainstorming ideas to turn one industry or another on its head. Or out for a beer. It’s usually one of those two. If it’s the last Friday of the month, we’re probably karting or at a paintball range. We try to keep it fresh, you know?

But seriously, we’re not just teammates or even work-friends. We’re genuine friend-friends and that is part of what makes us enjoy coming to work every morning (or early afternoon).

Meet the Knoxons

Do you know why we’re a good catch? Because of our people. They bring the passion, the skill, and the tomfoolery that make Knoxon a fun workplace and a reliable partner.