How to make the workspace more fun

by Alex Iftode

Let’s face it: even if you love what you do, there will still be times when you just can’t bring your A-game and everything seems monotonous.

That could be a problem caused by the work or the workplace. Or it might just be life. No one can stay firing on all cylinders, all the time.

That’s fine. Maybe all you need is a little break from the norm - a few minutes to shoot the breeze with your team or just unplug from work.

Here are some of the ways we encourage our own team to destress:

1. You do you

We know how self-conscious people can get at the office, especially in an open space. The fear of being judged or even laughed at is very real.

What would people say? How would they look at you? Maybe they’ll think you’re weird or socially awkward. And what you might find funny or interesting might be totally unfunny and boring for others.

These situations will always have a degree of uncertainty but sometimes you might be surprised. Even though humor is very subjective, you’ll never know who’s on the same wavelength as you unless someone cracks a joke, right?

So you might as well start it off.

There’s no way you don’t have something in common with the people around you. It might be a hobby, a passion, a phobia, whatever. Talk to them, be yourself and you’ll soon become more comfortable sharing your life with the team.

2. A meme is worth a thousand jokes

There’s something about the simplicity and the versatility of memes that make them universally enjoyable. If someone tells you that they don’t enjoy any at all, they’re either lying or they don’t have an internet connection.

Whether you make them yourself or just sharing them with your colleagues, funny images can make everyone’s day brighter and strengthen the office bond.

Of course, you don’t have to follow an established format or pattern. A picture or video, edited or not, can make real waves in the office if it’s personal to the team.

The only “rule” you should remember is that visual content has a bigger impact than simple text.

Here’s something we cooked up on a Friday evening when most people were out of the office:

Meme We put that on the general slack channel. Surprisingly, no one called the firefighters.

3. Take breaks together

If you’re not in a particularly brooding mood, check who else feels like unwinding a bit. You can make a nice little social gathering out of it. After all, who couldn’t use a break?

These kinds of breaks aren’t only more fun, but they make time fly at the office a lot faster.

At Knoxon, company-wide breaks tend to happen with someone stumbles onto some funny video or such. Joy is infectious and soon we’re all laughing and messing around.

Those are the kinds of experiences that make people leave the office with a smile and come back the next day ready for more. And honestly, relaxed employees turn in better work than overworked employees.