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Long story short

Designed for developers, CrashGuard is built to help you track, manage and improve your error monitoring in real-time.

The Problem

Software developers lack a fast and efficient way to detect and fix errors in their applications.


  • Too much time is spent on analyzing and repairing issues which should rather be spent on development
  • Existing tools don’t cover all software types and are not suitable for large-scale projects
  • Developers aren’t notified in real-time when errors occur


  • Error reports from users lack context and confuse developers
  • Asking users for troubleshooting interferes with the flow they are accustomed to while using a service, which is why the majority of them will never report the issues they encounter

The Solution

Error and exception monitoring with real-time notifications


  • Save time—no need to rely on users for troubleshooting, detailed reports are available for every issue to help fix it fast.
  • Peace of mind—no need to worry about uncaught and unknown errors.


  • Have an improved, error-free user experience.
  • Aren’t bothered with filling and sending issue reports.

Get instant error notifications

Developers get native notifications on their desktop, phone, or tablet letting them know that a user is experiencing an error with their product.

Analyze errors in depth

CrashGuard gathers in-depth error information and generates crash reports for the developers—everything from session information to stack trace.

Ask the experts

Developers can find relevant information on Google, StackExchange, or GitHub instantly with a single click through CrashGuard.

Invite others to collaborate

Developers solve issues faster by asking co-workers for help. Issues can be assigned to individuals so that the team knows what to work on.