Dental healthcare. Anywhere.


Long story short

Gumzzz is the most modern and complete search engine for dental services created by combining intuition and knowledge with global transparency and accessibility.

The Problem

There is a lack of accessibility and transparency in the dental industry that calls for a proper solution.


  • Higher prices in western countries for the same services
  • Lack of a well-documented marketplace of dental clinics
  • No transparency: untrustworthy reviews of clinics


  • Lack of marketing budgets
  • Outdated or missing websites
  • The unknown potential of small and medium clinics
  • Transparency issues regarding the quality and the price of the products

The Solution

Gumzzz is connecting patients and dental clinics around the world.


  • Save thousands of dollars on procedures
  • Transparent and market-validated reviews and testimonials
  • Multiple choice of clinics based on an educated decision
  • Digital booking process and real-time interactions


  • High transparency and opportunity to position as global clinic
  • Professional profile page description including team, services and reviews
  • Digital and efficient communication with the patient which saves time
  • Higher ROI as most of the patients traveling opt-in for more expensive procedures

A complex search engine

Gumzzz helps people choose the right clinic for them based on location, services rendered, prices, schedule, and patient reviews.

Exhaustive information

All clinics on the Gumzzz platform have their own page where patients can see all their services, their staff, reviews, and a description.

Fast appointments

The patient chooses a day, adds their phone number and makes the appointment. The clinic is notified and adds the patient to their internal calendar.

Valued opinions

Patients can leave a review for the clinic and talk about their experience, promoting good practices, and recommending good clinics.